The Riverside General Hospital Auxiliary (formerly known as the Houston Negro Hospital Auxiliary) is a charter member of the Texas Association of Hospital Auxiliaries which was organized in Dallas, Texas in 1944.

In March 1961, twenty women in the community were invited by the hospital administrator to serve as hostesses for the opening of the new Riverside General Hospital. For this dedicated group of women, the Riverside General Hospital Auxiliary was organized in the same year.

The auxiliary's primary Objective is to share with others their unique talents so that patients may enjoy the "extras" of love and human thoughtfulness. With the auxilians being interested in the future of the hospital, the first thing they did was organize a "Junior Auxiliary", consisting of twenty-two (22) charter members. Later, a scholarship fund was set up for deserving Junior Auxilians, desiring to study in the medical profession.

The Auxiliary has helped with various community projects, for instance- during the early years of the Auxiliary's existence, when polio was one of our crippling diseases, thirty-one (31) Auxilians participated in the first oral polio vaccine administered at ten schools.

Usually, two fund raising projects are staged each year to help purchase new equipment needed for the hospital.

The Auxilians look forward to the awards ceremony and worship service annually.

A hospital is an ever changing entity. The skills, techniques and technologies which have been added to its abilities make an impressive list. As this list grows, the Auxiliary continues in its efforts to render to the hospital and its patients through ways proposed and approved by the governing board of the hospital.

The Gift Shop is located at the corner of the main hallway and the front entrance hallway to the hospital. The Hospital's Volunteer Auxiliary Program maintains the Gift Shop and is critical resource within Riverside General Hospital.

In the gift shop you can purchase gifts, greeting cards, snacks, soft drinks, chips, toiletries, books, etc.

If you have any question concerning the Auxiliary Program please contact Ida Dewberry our Executive Board Assistant.